Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Paris!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Whether you love Christmas or not, you've gotta love Christmas in Paris! 
For the last two days I've been living my very own Christmas miracle - my first encounter with Paris. Yesterday was probably one of the coolest days ever - both literally and metaphorically. My mom and I, we left our hotel in the cold rainy morning and walked around Paris until night fall. "Walking" is a bit of an overstatement because we visited 5 different coffee/brasserie/restaurants, drunk wine in each. So basically we were getting tipsy, then walking around to clear our heads, then getting tipsy all over again.
We saw Santa, instead of a slate he had a motorbike and instead of reindeers, he had a police escort, but well, a girl has to make do. 

Off I go, so much to see and so little time! I know I know I haven't replied to your lovely comments yet, I promise I will do so as soon as possible and I also promise that I'll follow back each and every one!       

How are you spending your Christmas?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Get your Christmas on!

When it comes to festivities, I come a lot closer to the Grinch than to the Easter Bunny. I've always dreamt of being a rockstar, unfortunatelly I have no musical talent whatsoever. So I thought that I'll just be moody and I'll stop ironing my clothes.
My friends know me for being a non-conformist and I try to stick to that image even when it comes to celebrations, because let's face it - celebrating Christmas is pretty mainstream. Initially, everything was going according to the plan - I didn't get a Christmas tree, I ate no ginger cookies and finally - I packed my bags and headed to Amsterdam. This is when the carefully crafted plan crashed and burned. To be honest, I've never seen Amsterdam this beautiful. All the lights, reindeers and fake Santas touched a soft spot and before I knew it, I was reaching out for my camera. Call it "mob mentality" - seeing all these people, rushing to buy their gifts, happilly clutching their shopping bags or cups of warm coffeee, sweapt me off my feet and once again I was a little girl and I was thinking "Oh what the heck, I love Christmas". Something I hadn't felt in a very very long time.

A DJ in a cosmetics store is something that we don't get enough of!

How are you spending this time of the year?


Thursday, December 19, 2013

On the way to Amsterdam

Hi everyone!

I know, I haven't written in a while, I guess my commitment issues are to blame - I can't commit wholeheartedly even to this blog. Another reason is that I've been struck by a lack of inspiration lately. The situation changed dramatically yesterday though.
I got up at 4:30 am and hurried to the airport to catch a flight to Amsterdam. I love this place. I really do. I actually put some effort into my "flying outfit". Since Schiphol is my favorite airport ever, I wanted to have this casual-chick look the moment I stepped off the plane. Another reason is that I am terrified of flying and a cool outfit always serves to elevate my spirits. What do you think?

I was wearing:

watch - Omega moon watch
jeans - Marc by Marc Jacobs
top - Oysho
tuxedo jacket - Zara
hat - Twin Set
sunnies - Ray Ban
ancle boots - Carvela
pendant necklace - Patrizia Pepe
bag - Michael Kors

Thursday, November 28, 2013

My list of the ultimate ankle boots

I think I already mentioned that when it comes to fashion (and to everything, actually), I am quite the schizophrenic.
I like being a girly girl, with my bubble skirts, with candy colors and with red lipstick. However, I am truly in my comfort zone..... when I'm dressed like a boy. I certainly don't mean being sloppy, I just love the androgynous trend. I couldn't be happier that the major brands seem to be obsessed with luxurious masculinity intended for cool city girls.

I am dedicating today's post to my favorite boots, which are on top of my wish list. If only I could get them all...

Givenchy ankle boots with a gold metal chain.
As seen on the feet of my favorite bloggers such as Chiara Ferragni and Andy from
Can a pair of booties get any cooler than that? I certainly don't think so!


These treasures from Tabitha Simmons are hand-crafted in Italy and favorites of Miranda Kerr
          and It girl Alexa Chung, no further comment necessary!                                                                                        

Saint Laurent's signature studded leather boots: boy meets girl and takes punk to new heights of chick.


Jimmy Choo's suede ankle boots are a great off duty choice with a modern twist. Personally, I'd wear them everywhere!


I am not sure if these Valentino shoes belong in this list but they are so masculine, yet so polished, so great! No wonder bloggers are crazy about them. And so am I, so I had to share them.


I fell in love with these Jill Sander ankle boots the moment I saw them, they represent they coolest aspects of the androgynous appeal.


These two-toned Givenchy ankle boots are bold and classy yet they've managed to encapsulate this urban cool that we all love.

These Miu Miu biker boots embody just the right proportion of toughness versus luxury.


I know these Rag & Bone ankle boots are slightly different from the rest but I am so obsessed with them, I couldn't miss an opportunity to go on and on about how cool they are. It seems that my favorite celebrities from Alessandra Ambrosio to Nina Dobrev are loving theirs too. If I had to pick just one pair from this list (and I do have to), this would be it. To me they are the most versatile, you could dress them up or down, they work either way. I can't wait to get mine!


Which ones are your favorite?


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Au jour le jour

I just stumbled upon this exciting new brand and I couldn't wait to share it.
Apparently, I've been living under a rock as Au jour le jour has been out there since 2010 and is already conquering the fashion world while me - I had never heard of it until today. I don't know if discovering a new addictive brand is a good thing, because I'm already browsing their website and piling up dresses in my shopping card. The credit (or blame) goes to a fellow blogger, who has been kind/cruel enough to share his wisdom with us

I don't know if it's the winter with the depressing grey weather or is it just my schizophrenic personality wanting to express itself, but lately I'm crazy about prints. These particular ones are a breath of fresh air. I am 26 and I don't take myself too seriously. I like to wear a pop of color, I like the occasional mouth or flamingo on my dress, but I also like to look polished and refined. Somehow the genius duo at the bottom of Au jour le jour has managed to deliver just that.


 According to their website, every collection is entirely produced in Italy, which is great. Personally, I'm tired of paying hundreds for garments that have been sewn in Turkey, Korea, Romania and so forth. To me, "Made in Italy" stands for quality, luxury and exclusivity. Somehow when I see on the tag a different place of origin I feel slightly disillusioned.

Shop away, my friends! :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hair obsession

For the past few years my favorite accessory of all has been ... my hair. I love my long glossy locks and I can't wait to share the wisdom.

As a teenager I used to experiment a lot with my hair. I was constantly changing my color and my hair straightener never got a free day. On the first picture you can see the results of years of torture. My hair  was short and despite my best efforts, it wouldn't grow at all, it was dry and I had split ends. 
The bad tale finished when I discovered Kerastase and my hairs went on to live happily ever after. 

From the first few washes I could notice a significant difference. My hair became luminous and its ends - polished! It also started growing really quickly. I have been using Kerastase for a few years now, which allowed me to try out most of their products. I'll be a good girl and I'll share my preferred ones with you: 

The miracle product: Elixir Ultime. With its 4 precious oils, it could be applied before washing for instant nourishing or before styling for an incredibly supple silky hair.

The shampoo: Lately, the new Cristalliste is my favorite one. I believe that this is the way to go if you have long hair. It provides deep nourishment with a light weight finish. My hair has never been so luminous!

You could either go with a masque or with a conditioner. Personally, I always get the masque. I try to wash my hair up to 2-3 times a week maximum and I am confident that the masque provides deeper nourishment. This particular one also has an amazing scent, which is always a bonus. The conditioner is a lighter formula, it may work well for you if you wash for hair more often (perhaps in the summer?).

Last, but not least. Your hair needs protection from the heat. Personally, I never use my hair straightener anymore, however I've grown very fond of my blow dryer. So fond - we are inseparable. Therefore, I always take my Nectar Therminque with me. Of course, there are other lovely options, which you may prefer, based on your hair's texture and needs. The nectar Thermique in particular, improves hair straightening and drying performance, provides intense moisture and adds smoothness. 

As a reward for baring with me all the way here, I'll share a secret that my hairdresser told me: Once or twice a month you may wash your hair, then you can apply your masque, your oil and even your Nectar Thermique all together, put on a simple shower hat and stay for at least 1 hour. The results are gorgeous!