Thursday, November 28, 2013

My list of the ultimate ankle boots

I think I already mentioned that when it comes to fashion (and to everything, actually), I am quite the schizophrenic.
I like being a girly girl, with my bubble skirts, with candy colors and with red lipstick. However, I am truly in my comfort zone..... when I'm dressed like a boy. I certainly don't mean being sloppy, I just love the androgynous trend. I couldn't be happier that the major brands seem to be obsessed with luxurious masculinity intended for cool city girls.

I am dedicating today's post to my favorite boots, which are on top of my wish list. If only I could get them all...

Givenchy ankle boots with a gold metal chain.
As seen on the feet of my favorite bloggers such as Chiara Ferragni and Andy from
Can a pair of booties get any cooler than that? I certainly don't think so!


These treasures from Tabitha Simmons are hand-crafted in Italy and favorites of Miranda Kerr
          and It girl Alexa Chung, no further comment necessary!                                                                                        

Saint Laurent's signature studded leather boots: boy meets girl and takes punk to new heights of chick.


Jimmy Choo's suede ankle boots are a great off duty choice with a modern twist. Personally, I'd wear them everywhere!


I am not sure if these Valentino shoes belong in this list but they are so masculine, yet so polished, so great! No wonder bloggers are crazy about them. And so am I, so I had to share them.


I fell in love with these Jill Sander ankle boots the moment I saw them, they represent they coolest aspects of the androgynous appeal.


These two-toned Givenchy ankle boots are bold and classy yet they've managed to encapsulate this urban cool that we all love.

These Miu Miu biker boots embody just the right proportion of toughness versus luxury.


I know these Rag & Bone ankle boots are slightly different from the rest but I am so obsessed with them, I couldn't miss an opportunity to go on and on about how cool they are. It seems that my favorite celebrities from Alessandra Ambrosio to Nina Dobrev are loving theirs too. If I had to pick just one pair from this list (and I do have to), this would be it. To me they are the most versatile, you could dress them up or down, they work either way. I can't wait to get mine!


Which ones are your favorite?


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Au jour le jour

I just stumbled upon this exciting new brand and I couldn't wait to share it.
Apparently, I've been living under a rock as Au jour le jour has been out there since 2010 and is already conquering the fashion world while me - I had never heard of it until today. I don't know if discovering a new addictive brand is a good thing, because I'm already browsing their website and piling up dresses in my shopping card. The credit (or blame) goes to a fellow blogger, who has been kind/cruel enough to share his wisdom with us

I don't know if it's the winter with the depressing grey weather or is it just my schizophrenic personality wanting to express itself, but lately I'm crazy about prints. These particular ones are a breath of fresh air. I am 26 and I don't take myself too seriously. I like to wear a pop of color, I like the occasional mouth or flamingo on my dress, but I also like to look polished and refined. Somehow the genius duo at the bottom of Au jour le jour has managed to deliver just that.


 According to their website, every collection is entirely produced in Italy, which is great. Personally, I'm tired of paying hundreds for garments that have been sewn in Turkey, Korea, Romania and so forth. To me, "Made in Italy" stands for quality, luxury and exclusivity. Somehow when I see on the tag a different place of origin I feel slightly disillusioned.

Shop away, my friends! :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hair obsession

For the past few years my favorite accessory of all has been ... my hair. I love my long glossy locks and I can't wait to share the wisdom.

As a teenager I used to experiment a lot with my hair. I was constantly changing my color and my hair straightener never got a free day. On the first picture you can see the results of years of torture. My hair  was short and despite my best efforts, it wouldn't grow at all, it was dry and I had split ends. 
The bad tale finished when I discovered Kerastase and my hairs went on to live happily ever after. 

From the first few washes I could notice a significant difference. My hair became luminous and its ends - polished! It also started growing really quickly. I have been using Kerastase for a few years now, which allowed me to try out most of their products. I'll be a good girl and I'll share my preferred ones with you: 

The miracle product: Elixir Ultime. With its 4 precious oils, it could be applied before washing for instant nourishing or before styling for an incredibly supple silky hair.

The shampoo: Lately, the new Cristalliste is my favorite one. I believe that this is the way to go if you have long hair. It provides deep nourishment with a light weight finish. My hair has never been so luminous!

You could either go with a masque or with a conditioner. Personally, I always get the masque. I try to wash my hair up to 2-3 times a week maximum and I am confident that the masque provides deeper nourishment. This particular one also has an amazing scent, which is always a bonus. The conditioner is a lighter formula, it may work well for you if you wash for hair more often (perhaps in the summer?).

Last, but not least. Your hair needs protection from the heat. Personally, I never use my hair straightener anymore, however I've grown very fond of my blow dryer. So fond - we are inseparable. Therefore, I always take my Nectar Therminque with me. Of course, there are other lovely options, which you may prefer, based on your hair's texture and needs. The nectar Thermique in particular, improves hair straightening and drying performance, provides intense moisture and adds smoothness. 

As a reward for baring with me all the way here, I'll share a secret that my hairdresser told me: Once or twice a month you may wash your hair, then you can apply your masque, your oil and even your Nectar Thermique all together, put on a simple shower hat and stay for at least 1 hour. The results are gorgeous!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Just me

I introduced you to my dog without properly introducing myself. I guess there is not a lot to say, or maybe there is too much info to fit it in a tiny post? I'd like to hope that it's the second reason.
So lately, I define myself in terms of being an "ex-smoker". Since smoking was an essential part of my identity, cutting the damn cancer sticks (for the 10th time) is a top current issue.
Before you've fallen asleep, I'll get to the essence of this post. Who am I?
I fell utterly and completely in love with London, got lost in Amsterdam, went to Rome and never visited the Vatican, went fishing in the Indian ocean, went to Pisa and didn't make it to the tower (I was busy looking for shoes), I am terrified of flying and of elevators and I am crazy about chocolate.
So that's simply me. Here are some random photos from the past years.

Benjamin-Franklin the Pug

Hello, world!

It just hit me that I've failed to introduce you to Benjamin-Franklin. I am not talking about 100 dollar bills. And no, this Benjamin-Franklin has nothing to do with the Founding Fathers. He is simply my pug. Actually, he's more than a pug, he's this hairy and opinionated little gentleman, cute as a button.
As any self-respected traveler, I like to come home to my furry monster.
Say hi! :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The one without Tulum

Good Morning, world!
You may be wondering about the weird title of this post. Well, I'm sure that the dedicated fans of Friends (such as myself) already got it: it is a story about Tulum, and I'm not in it!
November 2013 is almost gone and I always associate this period of the year with one thing - Anticipation. Anticipation of Christmas, of winter discounts and of course - of NYE. I'll be heading to London to mourn the end of this year and to celebrate the beginning of 2014. However, if it was up to me, I would have traveled a few thousand kilometers further south-west, across the Atlantic, towards a little Mayan village called Tulum.
I have been dreaming to visit Mexico for a few years now. Somehow, when I think of this place, which I've never seen, associations with Alice in Wonderland come to mind. To me, it is this magical foreign land, where even the names of the towns have a special flavor. Take Quintana Roo - home to Tulum and to Playa del Carmen: these bizarre names are full of promises. They promise adventure, sun, sand, spicy food...generally all these exotic things that are forgotten here, in Europe. However, some of us, although we've never really experienced them, we dream about them.

I am obsessed with places that have a soul, places that have witnessed history unravel. I do appreciate natural beauty and even more so, natural beauty, combined with the spirit of centuries far gone.
And now the reason that I want to visit Tulum exactly on the 31 of December: the most unique, laid-back-cool party will take place at this very spot: Flying Circus. All that fuss about a party?! To me it is worth it. Dedicated followers of fashion travel the world to attend fashion week, then why not do so for a party? Fashion is one way to express yourself yet this expression would be incomplete without the music, the places and the people you chose to surround yourself with.Someone had said that music is what feeling sounds like. I couldn't agree more. A cool party is a fusion of all these other tools of expression. The fashion – thinking what to wear, to show off your unique identity, the traveling – globetrotting in order to attend the hottest festivals, the sound – loosing yourself in the music, forgetting the world and dancing your troubles away.

 Globalization has ruined many good things, secluded places are becoming mass resorts, our beloved electronic music is becoming more and more mainstream. To me Flying Circus symbolizes the refusal to conform, to grow up, to face reality. It is a special gathering of like-minded people, who come to celebrate the end of the year in shorts and flip flops, instead of black dresses, people who will cheat winter and will fall into sandy summer oblivion, at least for a few days.
You'd say, it's ironic that we despise globalization, yet we are willing to fly 10 hours and to part ways with 2013 in the company of a global audience. I guess, I was a bit hypocritical, and I have to admit that globalization has some good aspects.

To those who have the remote chance of being there - go! Go before Tulum becomes another Cancun. The rates of development of this former tiny village are scary. I hope that I'll be able to see it the way it's supposed to be seen soon, before we've ruined it. If you wonder what my NYE's wish will be - it's just one, wanna guess?