Saturday, February 8, 2014

The long lost friend

Hello everyone!

Have you ever had a perfect partner in crime with whom you suddenly lost touch? Due to the frequent change of my geographic coordinates, I've lost many friends over the years but it's all the more rewarding when you rediscover them. 

My generation was brought up at a time when the technological revolution was already gathering pace. However, communicating with your long-distance buddies has never been as easy, as it is today. I am not a big sucker for social media and virtual friendships but I do appreciate their role in bringing us closer to our real friends.

Today's post is dedicated to 2 teenage girls that used to roam the earth some 8-9 years ago. They were rebellious party animals that had discovered early the benefits of vodka and electronic music. If I had to pick the favorite period of my life, it would definitely be the distant summer 2005. And of course, the picture would be incomplete without her - my perfect partner in crime - Mina. We used to share a room, before our paths went in completely opposing directions and it took us some 8 year to reconnect. Bless you, facebook!

Here we are today - me the honorary graduate from a British university, still soul searching, and her - a respectable married lady, living in wonderful (though a tad sterile) Switzerland. It took us some time to organize this reunion. I was a little concerned because I was wondering if we'd still have anything to talk about. You must have had this really close friend that you discovered after a few years and there was nothing between you but awkward silence! Well, this was nothing like that. She came with her sweet Italian hubby, instead of vodka we were drinking good wine but the conversation kept going for hours. 

So cheers to the good friends, let's not let them out of our sight, they are a rare breed. I hope that we won't have to wait another 8 years for our next reunion.


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