Sunday, April 20, 2014

Neon trend 2014

Love it or hate it, neon has emerged back from the 80s and appears to have settled permanently in our wardrobes. Thinking Hollywood, dodgy party hotels and bohemian night seekers? Well, not exactly. The new trend has transcended its roots. It is all over the runways and more importantly – outside them. It's fresh and sophisticated with an almost futuristic appeal.
Experimenting with neon is a sign of character – it takes guts to wear something that screams LOOK-AT-ME! In this sense, the trend is a symbol of female empowerment. Many of us are shy when it comes to colors but our favorite celebrities from Jessica Alba, to Lupita Nyong'o and Alessandra Ambrosio are rocking the neon trend. It reminds us that we can make a fashion statement and have a little fun in the process.

If you haven't done so during the past seasons, it's a good time to invest in neon anything – from clothing, to shoes, bags or simply nail polish. You can ride the trend in many different ways: you can go flashy or ladylike. Neon is subject to personal interpretation but it's essential to be served in just the right amount. You may want to avoid too literal interpretations of the 80s, or causing nausea to your companions with a head-to-toe look. If it has to be head to toe, opt for monochrome or some smart color-blocking. As usual, less is more. Balance your neon pieces with neutrals. Use a splash of neon as your statement piece and go ladylike in the rest of your outfit. Instead of being too literal and opting for a tight jeans combo, go for a classic tailored silhouette.

Whether you'll opt for a bright beanie or you'll brave a fluorescent gown, enjoy the neon ride!


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