Monday, November 25, 2013

Just me

I introduced you to my dog without properly introducing myself. I guess there is not a lot to say, or maybe there is too much info to fit it in a tiny post? I'd like to hope that it's the second reason.
So lately, I define myself in terms of being an "ex-smoker". Since smoking was an essential part of my identity, cutting the damn cancer sticks (for the 10th time) is a top current issue.
Before you've fallen asleep, I'll get to the essence of this post. Who am I?
I fell utterly and completely in love with London, got lost in Amsterdam, went to Rome and never visited the Vatican, went fishing in the Indian ocean, went to Pisa and didn't make it to the tower (I was busy looking for shoes), I am terrified of flying and of elevators and I am crazy about chocolate.
So that's simply me. Here are some random photos from the past years.


  1. Thank you! I'll visit your blog as soon as possible too! Stay in touch for cool outfits in the future :))