Saturday, November 23, 2013

The one without Tulum

Good Morning, world!
You may be wondering about the weird title of this post. Well, I'm sure that the dedicated fans of Friends (such as myself) already got it: it is a story about Tulum, and I'm not in it!
November 2013 is almost gone and I always associate this period of the year with one thing - Anticipation. Anticipation of Christmas, of winter discounts and of course - of NYE. I'll be heading to London to mourn the end of this year and to celebrate the beginning of 2014. However, if it was up to me, I would have traveled a few thousand kilometers further south-west, across the Atlantic, towards a little Mayan village called Tulum.
I have been dreaming to visit Mexico for a few years now. Somehow, when I think of this place, which I've never seen, associations with Alice in Wonderland come to mind. To me, it is this magical foreign land, where even the names of the towns have a special flavor. Take Quintana Roo - home to Tulum and to Playa del Carmen: these bizarre names are full of promises. They promise adventure, sun, sand, spicy food...generally all these exotic things that are forgotten here, in Europe. However, some of us, although we've never really experienced them, we dream about them.

I am obsessed with places that have a soul, places that have witnessed history unravel. I do appreciate natural beauty and even more so, natural beauty, combined with the spirit of centuries far gone.
And now the reason that I want to visit Tulum exactly on the 31 of December: the most unique, laid-back-cool party will take place at this very spot: Flying Circus. All that fuss about a party?! To me it is worth it. Dedicated followers of fashion travel the world to attend fashion week, then why not do so for a party? Fashion is one way to express yourself yet this expression would be incomplete without the music, the places and the people you chose to surround yourself with.Someone had said that music is what feeling sounds like. I couldn't agree more. A cool party is a fusion of all these other tools of expression. The fashion – thinking what to wear, to show off your unique identity, the traveling – globetrotting in order to attend the hottest festivals, the sound – loosing yourself in the music, forgetting the world and dancing your troubles away.

 Globalization has ruined many good things, secluded places are becoming mass resorts, our beloved electronic music is becoming more and more mainstream. To me Flying Circus symbolizes the refusal to conform, to grow up, to face reality. It is a special gathering of like-minded people, who come to celebrate the end of the year in shorts and flip flops, instead of black dresses, people who will cheat winter and will fall into sandy summer oblivion, at least for a few days.
You'd say, it's ironic that we despise globalization, yet we are willing to fly 10 hours and to part ways with 2013 in the company of a global audience. I guess, I was a bit hypocritical, and I have to admit that globalization has some good aspects.

To those who have the remote chance of being there - go! Go before Tulum becomes another Cancun. The rates of development of this former tiny village are scary. I hope that I'll be able to see it the way it's supposed to be seen soon, before we've ruined it. If you wonder what my NYE's wish will be - it's just one, wanna guess?

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