Sunday, January 19, 2014

Designer stand off

When it comes to clothing, I rely on the principle that often less is more. I am a sucker for urban cool and as much as I love my colorful bubble skirts, I am truly in my comfort zone when dressed in clean silhouettes, monochrome with a pop of color and of course - a leather jacket, which is my wardrobe's reigning king.

I am very happy with the direction that fashion has taken lately. Women have accomplished a lot during the past decades and we have finally taken our rightful position in modern society. It is only natural that our wardrobe reflects this transition. The modern fashionista is still feminine, without the need to be fragile. The cool urban girl of today is not afraid to show her best assets but she is also tough and edgy.

So I decided to dedicate today's post to my favorite designers, whose vision corresponds with my own aesthetic. I obviously couldn't stay clear of skirts and shorts. This reflects my belief that a great pair of legs is a girl's greatest asset and there is no harm in showing a little skin, tastefully. Here is a selection of looks from this year's Resort collections.

Rock on, sistas! 

3.1 Philip Lim, 2014 Resort Collection

Alexander Wang, 2014 Resort Collection

Balenciaga, 2014 Resort Collection

Alexander McQueen, 2014 Resort Collection




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    1. Thank you, sweety :) I already followed you on facebook and google+

  2. Replies
    1. I love them all, but Balenciaga's is my favorite too :) x

  3. Philip Lim is so cool!!!
    kiss Giuly

  4. the philip lim one has to be my favorite- it's both bold but minimal at the same time! i really love contrasts like that too.

    xo marlen
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