Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On replicas

I live in Bulgaria so you can imagine I have a very easy access to replicas of the major fashion brands. Many friends of mine make a living while importing fake designer items from the likes of China, Dubai and Turkey. Naturally, they often try to sell me their products and I am often confronted with a dilemma: to buy a replica of a designer item, which I could not otherwise afford or to stay principled and to say no.

I'll be honest with you, many times I have been tempted. However I don't own a single replica. Don't get me wrong, my fundamental reason for abstaining is not the intrinsic need to support a multi billion dollar industry. Rather, it is a matter of self-respect. Obviously, not everyone can afford the likes of Chanel and Louis Vuitton. And this is a good thing, this is what makes these brands so exclusive. This contributes to the customer's satisfaction of owning something unique and timeless. Owning a Chanel bag is a privilege, you don't pay just for the amazing quality of material and craftsmanship, you also pay for the label - for the privilege of being a part of an exclusive club.
I don't necessarily agree that is morally right. We live in a world where an overwhelming number of people can't make ends meet. However the purpose of this post it not to criticize or remedy the shortcomings of modern society. To get back to my point - I have been dreaming for a Celine bag for what feels like ages. Yet I refuse to get a fake one because this buy wouldn't bring me any of the personal satisfaction, which I already discussed above. At first sight it won't scream "replica", but I would know the truth. I will know that I am pretending to be someone I'm not. Furthermore, at this point I have been lucky enough to build a wardrobe that contains garments from the likes of McQueen and Lagerfeld. Most of these items I've gotten during the discounts but that doesn't make them any less genuine. However, adding a replica bag, for instance, may lead others to question my integrity in general and hence - the authenticity of my entire wardrobe. 

I hope that you won't take me for a privileged little poser, which I am not. Actually, I think that the people who'd buy replicas of designer items, which they can't afford, are the posers. To me, this means that they are not comfortable with who they are and with their position in society. However, at the end of the day, you can deceive others, but you can't escape your own self. 
I would love to get a Celine bag. And one day I will, but as of now, I am drooling over much more affordable items that actually cost less than a good replica. Take this DVF peace of candy: it is gorgeous, or what?! 

On the go mini leather tote



  1. Really great post….


  2. I actually agree. We went to Mexico recently and everyone is selling knockoffs. Yes, I would LOVE to own a Chanel bag. But if I'm going to own it, I want it to be the real deal!!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read the whole post! I am happy that you agree with me; while I was writing I wasn't sure how would people respond to it! Btw you went to Mexico! I am so jealous! Playa del Carmen is my number one dream destination!

  3. hmmm i'm kindo f half and half on this stance. first off, i think it's waaaay more special and exciting to own the real thing- you just wouldn't get that same satisfaction buying a knock off. but *sometimes* you just really really like the style of the purse and don't really care about who made it. and during those cases, i could see myself buying a knock off. if i see something that would add to my wardrobe and make my outfits more interesting, i think i'd go and buy it regardless where it came from :)

    xo marlen
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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read! I expected opinions to be divided on this one. Perhaps I am speaking from a Bulgarian point of view: there are too many people here with fake everything who pretend to be larger than life. I also don't really care about brands: I have things from Primark after all, I also support Bulgarian brands. I just don't like pretending. A 10 dollar bag masquerading as a 1000 dollar bag is just not cool. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, I am so happy that you contributed to the discussion! x :))

  4. i dont believe in buying knock offs either! as you said because of self respect and personally i buy something if i find it pretty. it doesn't matter if its branded or super cheap. However there have been times when i really liked a style of something and bought it only to later find out that it was a rip off. oh well doesnt matter to me :)