Thursday, January 9, 2014

On top

Hello everyone!

Here it is - my highly anticipated (by me) post on the brightest spot of the City of Lights - the top of the Eiffel Tower.
I have never really wanted to visit Paris. I have never really wanted to climb  the Eiffel Tower. However social convention took the best of me and as soon as we dropped our suitcases at the hotel, we rushed to see the infamous symbol of Paris. My first impression was of disappointment. This is a common occurrence with me, I set my expectations very high and I always end up being underwhelmed. To be honest, I don't know what I was expecting to see. Perhaps an even greater amount of steel? Or maybe at least less pickpockets :)

So this first encounter of the Tower was a little disappointing. But don't give up on me just yet, the story is about to take a turn.

My mother and I wanted a magical Christmas, we wanted to do something really extraordinary, so we spent the whole day touring the best views in Paris. We started with a morning at Sacre Coeur and in the evening we returned to the Eiffel Tower, this time bearing tickets.

I will not burden you with the elevator experience or with the fact that I didn't really know what to expect - I thought I was afraid of heights, after all. The best thing about this visit - I went with an open mind and with no expectations at all. And I was blown away.

I honestly believe that everyone has to visit this place, once in a lifetime is enough, but you should do it. The experience is profoundly personal, to me is was almost spiritual. The moment I stepped out on the terrace, I blocked everyone that surrounded me. I was alone, up there - on top of Paris, and on what felt like the top of the world. I was thinking that everything seems easier on top. Up above the world everything is insignificant. Down there you can see all these people rushing towards the rest of their lives, each of them has a story. I have a story. From up there, you can't really see the people. You can only see the lights. This is the moment when I truly faced my own insignificance. It was liberating. Mostly because I am often overwhelmed by worries and problems, by overthinking every single aspect of my life. This experience helped me realize that I shouldn't bother that much, whatever I do, I won't be visible from the top of the Eiffel Tower (this last thing is an attempt at a joke :D)



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