Monday, January 13, 2014

My 2014 resort wishlist

Ok ok,

I know I am getting a little ahead of time with this post but I am a girl with a plan!
It's only January and I am still contemplating all the fun I had on NYE, but It's a warm sunny day and I am already anticipating my beach adventures.
One of the positive aspects of the technological revolution is the possibility to travel the world, safely and affordably. So I may be in Bulgaria now but my heart is in the Dominican, where I plan to go as soon as possible. While I am dreaming of coconuts and sandy beaches, I like to keep myself occupied - hence I decided to make a list of the 2014 resort essentials. Some say that planning and anticipation are among the best features of a forthcoming holiday. Cheers to that thought! So here it is, my Dominikana wish list, intended strictly for beach fun:

The ultimate summer essential? Sunglasses, of course. I am crazy about Illesteva - handcrafted in Italy and beyond cool! Here is my favorite pair:

Illesteva Leonard round-frame sunnies

I don't know about you, but I am not taking any chances with the sun, so I never step out without a hat. This Missoni is on the very top of my wish list:

We all know how hot the sand gets! We need something to protect out delicate feet. I am drooling over these Mulberry sandals, which you can get at for a discounted price:

Mara Hoffman's garments are on top of my list. This is, hands down, my favorite designer when it comes to beachwear. She embodies the laid back bohemian chic that we all love.

Don't forget your beach towel!

Ganesh printed bikini  

This is, in my opinion, the ultimate beach dress for 2014.

I can almost see myself sipping coconut cocktails in this playful coverup.

Printed voile playsuit

When it comes to coverups, I love Australian brand Zimmermann too. I am already the proud owner of this particular dress:

Prairie lace dress

We need a bag to store all our treasures and I think that you'd appreciate this super cool number from Tory Burch:

I feel like I'm forgetting something...Oh yes! Sunscreen! UV rays ain't no joke, so do invest in a good sunscreen with a high factor. I have tried many different brands and I am convinced that nothing beats Lancaster. You will have to be patient and wait for the gorgeous chocolate tan, but you'll be allergies-free and the tan is deeper, so it's more even and long-lasting.

Lancaster sunscreen products

While we almost never forget to take good care of our skin, we often forget that the sun and the salty water will take their toll on our hair if we don't give it a fighting chance. My favorite product is a no-brainer -Kerastase, of course.                                                                                                                                

I can't wait to pack at least half of these eye candies in the suitcase and to escape to the beach soon.                                                                                                



  1. Nice style! Love all your pics! Thank you for your nice comment and I follow you on G.Would follow you on bloglovin and instagram but don't see it on your blog.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! I am not on instagram yet, but soon :)

  2. Love the pieces!

    1. Thank you, sweety! I just followed your blog, it's brilliant :)